The Diocese of Des Moines

Take24 Young Adult Ordinary Time Retreat

Start Date: 07/27/2018

Amount Per Person: $75.00

Come take 24 hours with your fellow young adults in retreat, experiencing the power of God's love in the midst of Ordinary Time.

While the Lenten Take24 retreat focused on our need for repentance and the Advent Take24 retreat will focus on preparing our hearts anew for the Lord, the Ordinary Time retreat will focus on the question that dominates the bulk of our young adult lives: "What does God want me to do with my life?"

Just as the bulk of our young adult lives revolve around this question, so the bulk of our year takes place in Ordinary Time, so this will be the perfect opportunity to spend a weekend revisiting the notion of "vocation".

With the summer heat in full swing and all the wonderful Catholic Youth Camp activities up and running (but without the kiddos for our time there), this retreat will feature swimming, a ropes course, and all sorts of other fun!

Whether you're new to retreats or an old pro, all are welcome to join us for a great 24 hours (maybe a bit more if the weather cooperates Saturday evening) of discerning the will of God in their lives.