The Diocese of Des Moines

Young Adult Retreat Series Part 3: "Good News"

Start Date: 11/30/2018

Amount Per Person: $100.00

"Repent and Believe in the Good News" is a three-part series of retreats for young adults (“young adults” is loosely defined as those who are roughly ages 20-35).  


Repent, since it occurs in Lent, will focus on the human need for God’s healing and renewal.  Believe will occur in the summer (July 27th-28th), focusing on the impact of belief in God in our daily lives, and finally Good News will occur at the beginning of Advent (November 30th-December 1st), and will focus on living our lives in joyful discipleship.  


While there will be some connection between the three, it is not necessary to have gone on all three to grow from them—young adults are encouraged to go to as many as they can, even if it ends up only being one of the three.


Upon receiving your registration and payment via this website, you will receive more information about your weekend via email.


This website is ONLY for the third of the three parts.  If you would like to attend all three retreats, please see their respective links on the Diocese of Des Moines Young Adult Ministry website.