The Diocese of Des Moines

Life Skills Course

Start Date: 04/22/2018

Amount Per Person: $30.00

Congratulations on your engagement, and thank you for considering attending our diocesan life skills marriage preparation workshop! The workshop is entitled Living God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage, and it is a one day event in which couples will learn about the human skills that help marriages thrive.

The location of this course is TBD.

The course will be held from 1-5 PM.  Registration can be done online, and couples can check in beginning at 12:45 PM, on the day of the course.  Registration will close two weeks prior to the event.

The course will offer instruction on skills that help couples thrive, such as communication, conflict resolution, financial managment, and more.  Please feel free to contact Adam Storey with any questions, at 515-237-5056 or