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The Diocese of Des Moines welcomes you and wishes to thank you for your generous support.   Donors wishing to make an ONLINE gift may now opt to use their credit cards for single payments or "set it and forget it" recurring gifts!  Donors are asked to register on the new website to enjoy all of the features available.  Now, you can view your charitable giving history, update your address, set up your own Automatic Withdrawal from your checking account or credit card payments.


Registration is not required to make an online payment, but we encourage you to  join our community!  Instructions for joining and making a gift can be found at the link on the left of this page.



The Diocese of Des Moines provides many opportunities for people to share their gifts.  The following is a list of local and national collections donors can support.  To support a national collection, follow the link to the donation page for that organization.  For all local collections and appeals, visit


2018 SPECIAL Collections

January 28 - Project HOPE

March 3-4 - Annual Diocesan Appeal

March 11 - Catholic Relief Services

March 30 - Holy Land Collection (Good Friday)

May 13 - Catholic Communications Campaign

July 1 - Peter's Pence

July 15 - Catholic Charities 

August 5 - Collection for the Church in Africa

September 16 - Seminarian Special Collection

October 21 - World Mission Sunday 

     (The collection on this weekend will also support Catholic Home Missions,

       the Church in Eastern Europe, and the Church in Latin America.)

November 18 - Catholic Campaign for Human Development

December 9 - Retirement Fund for Religious