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50th Anniversary of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy: December 4, 2013

Funeral Planning

The Church uses a variety of rites to mark the death of one of her children.  The rituals called the Order of Christian Funerals are used to provide a wake service and funeral Mass.

“The death of one of our sisters and brothers is a significant event for us as Church. It is a time when we, who loved the deceased person, mourn for our loss. It also is a time when we as the Church celebrate God’s gift of life and mark, with special rites and gatherings, the return of that life to our loving God. This is an overview of the Order of Christian Funerals. It includes the journey of grief, a general overview, music, cremation and more.” 

Additional Confirmation Planning Information

Remember that the liturgy plan should be to Bishop Pates’ office three weeks before the liturgy. Other than the revised translation of the prayers, there are two noticeable changes to the confirmation liturgy that were made with the new Roman Missal:
• The Gloria is sung or said at the Confirmation liturgy, though the Creed is not said unless it is required by the Mass of a Sunday or solemnity. A sprinkling rite is still most appropriate. Consider using the approved introductory rites found here. This is based on the US Bishops Publication, General Introduction to the Order of Mass, and is the preferred way of shortening the introductory rites to include a sprinkling rite.
• After the anointing, the candidate should respond to the bishop’s words, “Peace be with you,” by saying, “And with your spirit.”